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Sask Energy Announcement

A recent announcement by Sask Energy has confirmed that the natural gas line supplying the villages on the south side of Buffalo Pound Lake, which includes Sun Valley, has reached its capacity.  At this time, any of the residents that paid to bring natural gas to their property in 1995 will be honored and will be eligible for hook-up.  However, any new requests will be put on a waiting list until the infrastructure can be improved to increase the capacity.  Therefore, we are surveying the village to see how many new hook-ups are anticipated.  If there is enough demand the process to improve the supply of natural gas may be expedited.  Consequently, if you anticipate the need to have natural gas at your property in the future, please notify the Sun Valley office by phone or email to be included on the list of potential customers.


A  large bin has been placed  on 7th St.  Any garbage from Spring Cleaning that may not be appropriate for the regular bin can be disposed in this bin.  This bin is provided for your convenience, once it is full it will be removed.

Pick-ups have been increased to” weekly” for the summer months.

We presently have one blue recycle bin.  If more bins are required, we may increase the number of bins or the frequency of pick-ups


New Website

Welcome to our new website! Keep checking back for updates on Sun Valley events, news, monthly meeting minutes, permits and so much more.